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Item No.ItemPriceQty
SA1000000 CAR RAMPS: YELLOW $425.00
SA1000200 CAR RAMPS: BLUE $425.00
SA1000300 CAR RAMPS: RED $425.00
SA1000600 CAR RAMPS: BLACK $425.00

Elevates A Vehicle One Foot Off The Ground!

• Made of 1 1/4" structural tubing and capable of holding up to 3,000 lbs. (per set).
• Lightweight and easy to move.
• Each ramp is 64" long, 12" wide on the high end with a 1 1/2" high angle stop.
• Sold in sets of two individual ramps and available in yellow, blue, red and black.

With multiple sets, create waves, wedges, peaks and valleys out of your inventory.

Quantity Price Breaks:
1 set @ $425.00 ea.
3 sets @ $399.00 ea.