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Sending Artwork to GPP


We will gladly assist you in preparing your artwork so it is in the appropriate format, or if you prefer, you can provide us with a file where the text is converted to an image and photographs are at least 300 dpi at the size the image will be at final print. The following are the formats we accept and information on how to convert your text to an image: 

Preferred Software
Adobe Illustrator® CC (.eps) or (.ai) - Text converted to outlines or attach a font file (PC only).
CorelDraw 5x (.cdr) - text converted to curves or attach a font file (PC only).
Adobe Photoshop® CC (.psd) (.jpg) or (.tif) - art to size, resolution to be at least 300 DPI based on actual imprint size or product size. Example: If a customer sends in a photograph or jpeg (flattened art) and wants the image used on a plastic plate then the image must be 12” x 6” at 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Converting Text to Outlines
In order to convert text to outlines you must have either Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. In Adobe Illustrator the command is "create outlines" and in Corel Draw it is "convert to curves". If you are not familiar with these programs find out what the font and style are of your artwork or submit a scan of your business card along with the file so the Artist can verify the artwork is correct.


Photograph Formats
There is no way to change a low-resolution image such as one used on the Internet, into a high resolution for printing. Images must either be purchased in high resolution or if you are using your camera to take the photograph, your camera's settings should be checked to make sure it is set to take fewer photos, but at a higher quality. This will produce clear photographs that can be used for any kind of printing. Following is an example of a low image vs. a high quality 300 dpi (dots per inch) image. 


In order to produce a quality imprint, we ask that you adhere to these guidelines or let a sales representative at Gallagher Promotional Products assist you. In order to meet your needs, we try to base our technology on the most popular standards in the industry. Many graphic programs today are considered "cross-platform" compatible software. This means a file can be created in Windows (PC environment) and be opened up on a Macintosh computer using the same program, and respectively the reverse applies. This allows us to accept more software programs than in the past. The important components in obtaining quality artwork are the program art is sent in, the version/updates of the software, the fonts, the file format used to save the file and the linked files. We hope the guidelines in this document will help in ensuring a quality product in an efficient manner.

Uploading Artwork- your art file can be uploaded using the form below.