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Forms & Folders

Forms & Folders

Deal Jackets, Buyers Guides, Inspection Forms, and everything in between! GPP carries all the essential dealership forms and folders for new and used car dealers! GPP is here to help keep you organized!

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Welcome to GPP's collection of dealership Forms and Folders, dedicated to providing car dealerships with a comprehensive range of essential paperwork organization solutions. We understand the importance of efficient document management in the automotive industry, and our collection of forms and folders is designed to streamline your administrative processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

Deal Jackets: Our deal jackets are the perfect solution for organizing and safeguarding the important documents related to each vehicle sale. These durable folders are specifically designed to hold sales contracts, purchase agreements, vehicle titles, and other relevant paperwork. With pre-printed sections for key information, such as buyer and seller details, VIN numbers, and financing terms, our deal jackets help you maintain a consistent and organized record of each transaction.

Buyer's Guides: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and enhance transparency with our buyer's guides. These informative documents provide essential information to customers regarding warranty coverage, vehicle history, and consumer rights. Our buyer's guides are available in clear and concise formats, helping your customers make informed purchasing decisions while maintaining your dealership's adherence to legal obligations.

Addendum Stickers: Keep track of additional features, pricing modifications, or warranty information with our addendum stickers. These adhesive labels are easily affixed to existing paperwork and provide a clear and professional way to communicate updates or changes to the vehicle's specifications. Our addendum stickers help prevent confusion and ensure accurate documentation throughout the sales process.

Window Clip-on Form Holders: Organize and display important documents right on the vehicle's window with our window clip-on form holders. These convenient holders securely attach to the window, allowing you to prominently display items such as pricing sheets, vehicle specifications, or promotional materials. Our form holders are designed to withstand various weather conditions and provide easy access to information for both your staff and potential customers.

Service Record Books: Maintain comprehensive and organized service records with our service record books. These logbooks are specifically designed to document the maintenance and repair history of each vehicle, helping you keep track of services performed, parts replaced, and warranty information. With clearly labeled sections and easy-to-use formats, our service record books enable efficient record-keeping and assist in providing superior customer service.

GPP understands the importance of accurate and organized paperwork in the automotive industry. Our Forms and Folders category offers a range of products designed to simplify document management, enhance compliance, and improve overall customer experience. Explore our deal jackets, buyer's guides, addendum stickers, window clip-on form holders, and service record books to optimize your administrative processes and create a professional and efficient environment within your dealership.