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Blank Fluorescent Rearview Mirror Hang Tags


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Hang Tag Shape Color Hook Style Regular
Fluorescent Green

Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent Pink

Fluorescent Yellow


These Blank Fluorescent Rearview Mirror Hang Tags are part of our vast collection of Hang Tags and other dealership sales & advertising essentials. Order yours today!

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These fluorescent hang tags are long lasting and visible from long distances!

  • Available in 5 colors with standard and hook-style options
  • Heavy tag stock is excellent for special events or off-site sales.
  • Size: 8 1/2"W x 11 1/2"H with 1" diameter hole.
  • 50 per pack. Colors can be mixed and matched for price breaks.

BONUS BUY! Buy 5 Packs and get 1 FREE

Quick Shipping Available: Order by 5:00p.m. E.S.T. and it will ship that same day!

Blank write-on rearview mirror hang tags from GPP are a multi-purpose solution for car dealerships, enhancing their marketing efforts, customer engagement, and operational efficiency. Key advantages to using them include:

  1. Customization: The blank write-on feature allows dealerships to customize each tag according to their specific needs. Whether it's highlighting special offers, vehicle details, pricing information, or promotional messages, dealerships have the flexibility to tailor the content for individual vehicles or promotions.

  2. Versatility: With the availability of multiple fluorescent colors such as yellow, pink, green, and orange, as well as white, these hang tags offer versatility in catching customers' attention. Dealerships can choose colors that stand out against different vehicle backgrounds or match their branding colors, increasing visibility and attracting potential buyers.

  3. Easy Identification: The rearview mirror placement ensures that the hang tags are easily visible to both customers and passersby, allowing for quick identification of vehicles and promotions. This visibility increases foot traffic to the dealership lot and encourages potential buyers to explore the available inventory.

  4. Enhanced Communication: The blank write-on surface provides a direct communication channel between the dealership and customers. Sales representatives can use the tags to convey key information about specific vehicles, features, pricing, and financing options, facilitating informed decision-making for potential buyers.

  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Utilizing blank write-on hang tags eliminates the need for pre-printed tags for every vehicle or promotion, reducing printing costs and waste. Dealerships can save on expenses while maintaining the flexibility to update information as needed, ensuring efficient inventory management.

  6. Streamlined Operations: GPP's blank write-on hang tags streamline dealership operations by simplifying the process of labeling vehicles and promoting specials. Sales staff can quickly write and attach tags, saving time and ensuring a uniform presentation across the lot.

  7. Increased Sales Opportunities: By effectively highlighting vehicle features, promotions, and incentives, these hang tags help generate interest and drive sales. Customers are more likely to inquire about vehicles or take advantage of special offers when presented with clear and compelling information.

Utilizing blank write-on rearview mirror hang tags from GPP offers car dealerships a range of benefits, including customization, versatility, enhanced communication, cost-effectiveness, streamlined operations, and increased sales opportunities. These tags serve as valuable marketing tools that help dealerships attract customers, promote inventory, and ultimately boost revenue.

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