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The Origins of Flag Day


June 14th is Flag Day! And on this day, we commemorate the adoption of the flag of the United States. The flag was officially adopted June 14, 1777. The decision came to be as part of the Second Constitutional Congress. Ever wondered what the flag specifically stands for? You’ll be intrigued to know that the flag of the United States has thirteen stripes, alternate red and white to represent our 13 original colonies; that the union used to be thirteen stars but has since changed to the 50 stars we know today, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation. 

16 days ago

Staying Sustainable: The present and future of sustainability in the industry


Every day is another moment when people from all around the world can (and have, in some cases) unite and move to help keep our planet green, habitable, and safe. Whether you practice sustainability in everyday business operations or just wish to make the move to more sustainable practices, we are in the perfect time to learn how to be more eco-conscious. The concept of sustainability as we know it today first came up during the first Earth Day in 1970s, a time in which awareness for the planet and our impact on the environment was rising.

1 month ago

It’s Spring: Time for a cleaning


Are scuffed floors and damaged walls making your dealership look bleak? It can be easy to get your dealership looking the way you’ve dreamed with some simple spring-cleaning tasks. Determine what sections of your space could use some TLC then freshen those areas up with splashes of color, decorative embellishments, banners, and flags.

4 months ago

Why Cars and Car Accessories Make Great Valentine’s Gifts


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many couples have either already decided on their Valentine’s gifts or they’re still struggling to find the perfect one. One gift that makes a big statement around this time of year is a new set of wheels! Cars can be significant gifts and may not be suitable for all budgets, but the symbolism attached to Valentine’s Day makes them popular gifts nonetheless. This is the perfect moment for Car dealerships to seize the chance to be at the forefront of a life changing experience for their customers.

5 months ago

The Market in 2022


In 2022, the Automotive industry will continue to generate more sales with online advertising. However, this does not mean that the golden days of the window sticker and wind-swept flags are over.  In fact, point of sale advertising products are even more important now as people take their online research out into the real world. A waving flag can make all the difference in whether consumers decide to visit your dealership lot or keep on moving.

6 months ago

Looking Ahead to 2022: Surviving and Thriving in the Automotive Industry


We finally made it! It is the end of the year and 2022 is fast approaching. A lot has happened in 2020 and 2021. We thought it would be the perfect time to look back and highlight some of the challenges as well as the victories that we have had over the past 24 months. The industry has been shaky to say the least. Dealerships all over the country have had inventory shortages because of a larger chip shortage that has been affecting major car manufacturers, costing the industry a crazy 210 billion dollars in 2021. Many of the above businesses had to slow down production to wait for chips to become more available, something experts are saying won’t happen until early 2023.

6 months ago

GPP's 7 Holidays Tips


The Holiday season is here! Are you ready for it? Many would say that they have been waiting for this season since the year began, but there are a couple of things about the holidays that we all wish were a little easier to do. Coming up with new promotions and decoration ideas can be difficult, but we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 in-depth tips for how you can take on the holidays this year. 

8 months ago

Get to Know Your Bow!


We all know the feeling of waking up to a gift neatly wrapped and entirely presentable in a way that would warm a baby’s heart. The cherry on top of the fancy wrapping paper and the hours spent figuring out whether it was tuck then fold or fold then tuck has always been that bright bow sitting on top. From a retail standpoint, the aesthetic catch of packaged goods is critical for the appeal to the functional and artistic needs of buyers. Custom decorations such as bows are the cherries you’d want to put on top for that added flair that so many goods are looking for, but have you ever considered why?

10 months ago

NY International Auto Show to Be Canceled


Today and for an entire week and a half now there has been a massive line of text on the NY International Auto (NYIAS) Show homepage. The group of text features only a few words that read “2021 Auto Show Cancelled”. The show was slated to take place from August 20th to August 29th this summer, a once reschedule from the previous April date... 

11 months ago

Spring Cleaning for Car Dealers


Spring Cleaning - We do it at home, so why not at the dealership?

We're not talking about actual cleaning - although that's more important now than ever and we do carry some excellent cleaning and sanitizing supplies. We're thinking more in terms of spring organizing, something that is easy to overlook yet difficult to do without. Dealership inventory extremely valuable, as is providing a great customer experience, so we want to make sure you stay on top of keeping organized...

1 year ago