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NY International Auto Show to Be Canceled


Today and for an entire week and a half now there has been a massive line of text on the NY International Auto (NYIAS) Show homepage. The group of text features only a few words that read “2021 Auto Show Cancelled”. The show was slated to take place from August 20th to August 29th this summer, a once reschedule from the previous April date... 

1 month ago

Spring Cleaning for Car Dealers


Spring Cleaning - We do it at home, so why not at the dealership?

We're not talking about actual cleaning - although that's more important now than ever and we do carry some excellent cleaning and sanitizing supplies. We're thinking more in terms of spring organizing, something that is easy to overlook yet difficult to do without. Dealership inventory extremely valuable, as is providing a great customer experience, so we want to make sure you stay on top of keeping organized...

7 months ago

Tax Season is Here


Tax season is officially upon us! On top of that, there are still talks of a third stimulus payment to most Americans. Combined with tax returns, many people will be in the market for larger purchases like automobiles! While the official Tax Day for 2020 earnings isn’t until April 15, 2020, the early availability of documents and rise in popularity of e-filing has led many people to start filing earlier in the season. Many people have already received everything they need to file their tax returns...

7 months ago

How to Decorate a Car Dealership for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day isn't the most popular occasion for decking the dealership and having a promotional event... but it's still a good occasion! This love-struck quasi holiday has evolved from a feast for the martyrs to a prominent celebration of love that's celebrated worldwide.Why is Valentine's Day a good day for a car dealership promotion? Well, people love their cars, and cars are also a popular gift between spouses and loved ones. While we might not necessarily associate cars with traditional Valentine's Day staples such as chocolate, hearts and Hallmark cards, they're no less an embodiment of what the day of love is all about...

8 months ago

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.


Today, GPP commemorates the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr., also known as Michael King, Jr., was a Baptist minister and social activist who led the civil rights movement in the United States from the mid-1950s until his assassination in 1968. He was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia, and died on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee...

8 months ago

2021 Auto Sales: What To Expect


Happy New Year!

Like everyone, we at GPP are happy to have 2020 behind us and look forward to a more promising 2021. We keep track of what's going on in the auto industry - after all, your business is our business! While 2020 was a difficult year for the industry, we are anticipating the start of a recovery that will allow us all to help keep America on the road and in the car dealership. Let's look at some of what's happened and what we expect...

9 months ago

Why Are License Plate Frames A Good Idea?


License plate frames serve several practical purposes, which is why they are so popular! For car dealerships, they can be an attractive, affordable and effective source of advertising. For consumers, they can be used to express personality, pride in their vehicle, and more practically, to protect their license plates from wear. Many license plates are made of thin metal and can easily be bent around the edges by car washes and normal wear and tear. Licenses plate frames not only look nice, but they can help your dealership name get seen by people all around your area. @PL8TPAL Offers these thoughts on some of the advantages of using license plate frames...

10 months ago

Ramp Up Summer with Display Ramps!


Car dealerships have forever been concerned with their visibility to passersby. Long before the internet, consumers wouldn't really know what they wanted out of their next vehicle until they arrived at the dealership. And, perhaps, they didn't even think about their next vehicle so much until they drove past a shiny car lot in their current car thinking about how great a new car would be! These days, consumers often know what they are looking for before their trip to the dealership...

1 year ago

Sales Event Themes for Reopening


You've seen the commercials and the auto manufacturers' websites - the economic reopening as COVID-19 restrictions begin to loosen has brought about many unprecedented sales and financing offers.Often there is a theme or tagline associated with these offers that references reopening, getting back to work, safety, strength, or many of the other concepts that have become so prominent in recent months. We asked our employees at GPP to come up with some ideas for how they would theme their reopening if they owned or managed an auto dealership. After a tremendous response, we voted on some of our favorite themes for sales events and made up a few designs...

1 year ago

Safety in Reopening for Auto Dealerships


After weeks of uncertainty, businesses are finally beginning to reopen following the COVID-19 crisis that has swept the country and left several industries severely crippled. Fortunately, dealerships are inherently well positioned for a safe and successful reopening period provided certain precautions are taken. Dealerships do not usually involve too much close contact, with large open-air lots and spacious showrooms...

1 year ago