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Tax Season and What it Means for Your Profits

Tax Season and What it Means for Your Profits
By Rachel Schaffer 14 days ago 96 Views No comments

Tax season is not just for accountants anymore. More and more car dealerships are jumping on board with promoting their sales at this time of year. It comes at a time where instead of saving our income tax return, we tend to splurge and use it towards items we otherwise couldn't afford. So what does this have to do with your dealership and profits?

First, some sources claim dealers see up to 50% of annual business during tax season and sell more cars during this time of year than any other. While those numbers are bound to differ from dealer to dealer, we do know that tax refunds have more than doubled in the last decade. And this makes for a huge opportunity for industries that benefit from large initial investments.

"The key for dealer marketers is to turn the event into a holiday for car shoppers."

Second, buyers are more likely to make a car purchase if they feel they’re receiving a special deal, and holidays or big events are a great way to create this perception. For dealers to create excitement around Tax Day—and ultimately motivate shoppers to spend their returns on car-related purchases

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners

One of our most popular products Vinyl Banners can be hung anywhere in or outside your dealership. Also with the eye catching design and simple straight forward message your customers are sure not miss it!

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• Heavy-duty double needle lock stitch construction.
• 10 oz. polyester reinforced vinyl banner material.
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Underhood Signs

Underhood Signs

Be sure to pair your Underhood Sign with a matching Vinyl Banner!

• Made of durable coroplast that allows you to wedge signs under any hood.
• All Underhood Signs are available and can be purchased separately.
• Size: 29"W x 41"H.

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So as we approach the peak of the Tax Season, ramp up your marketing campaigns with messaging around financing options to target potential car shoppers. Gallagher Promotional Products can give you the tools and the products to turn your tax season into a special event!