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Promotional Balloons

Promotional Balloons

Why buy Balloons for your dealership from Gallagher Promotional Products? Balloons are an easy way to add color and motion to your car lot - two things that are proven to draw attention! We provide giant balloons, custom logo imprinted balloons, balloons that are designed specifically to withstand outdoor use, reusable balloons... all perfect for any car dealer wanting to draw in customers from the road.

Whether you're having a sale, decorating for the a holiday, hosting a community event, or just want to highlight certain dealership inventory with some extra "pop", balloons are a universal symbol for good times (and good deals)! We have spent years working with manufacturers and dealerships to provide the absolute best balloons for your lot. Our inside sales team and outside sales distributors are here to make sure you have the right balloons, right when you need them. Questions? We're here to help! Call us at 800-367-8458

Our jumbo dealership balloons are specially designed for outdoor use and come in a large variety of colors. Thick side walls mean durability and the longest fly time in the industry!

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Balloon Accessories

Available in Yellow, White, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Black, Silver, Gold, Black & White Checkered, Red & White Checkered, and Blue & White Checkered, as well as imprinted designs including Patriotic, Yellow Smiley Face, and SALE - available in multiple colors!

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Reusable Balloon Columns, Clusters and Ground Pole Kits