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Automotive Dealer Supplies

Automotive Dealer Supplies

Gallagher Promotional Products has been a leader in Auto Dealer Supplies, promotional displays and advertising materials since 1974! We offer the industry standards in key tags, key management, deal jackets, display ramps, office supplies, showroom accessories, license plates, balloons, banners, and everything else that's essential to a dealership's operational and promotional success. We believe our values drive our business, and we want to put our values to work for you and your dealership!

We pride ourselves on carrying the latest products and providing the absolute best service in the industry. Our inside sales team and outside sales distributors are here to make sure you have the right auto dealer supplies, right when you need them. Questions? We're here to help! Call us at 800-367-8458.

Popular Dealer Supplies

Shop our most popular Key Tags, Hang Tags, Deal Jackets, Decals and More!

Versa Self-Laminating Key Tags are our bestselling key tags! Versa is the industry standard for ease of use, durability, and affordability for dealerships, valets, garages and maintenance shops!

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Hang Tags

GPP carries dozens of rearview mirror Hang Tags for automotive dealerships! Our themed, fluorescent, and blank hang tags are the gold standard for displaying vehicle prices on your lot!

Available in Orange, Lavender, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Buff, White, Gray, Turquoise and Red, GPP's Heavy Weight Deal Jackets are used at thousands of auto dealerships nationwide and beyond!

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7.5" Vinyl Pricer Decals

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GPP carries a huge selection of Decals, Nameplates, Key Ring Fobs, Flags, Apparel, Promotional Products and More!

Service Department Products

Vinyl Slogan Decals & Dealership Stickers

Service Reminder Stickers

Paints & Markers

The Automotive Dealership industry is unique in that it requires a specefic set of products that you don't typically see anywhere else. When you think of auto dealerships, you probably envision the flags, stickers, streamers, signs and other products that have become synonymous with dealerships in popular culture.  Since most of GPP's customers are automotive dealerships, everything we carry could technically be considered an auto dealer supply product! We list most decorative items in separate categories, since they can be used for sales events and decor at any business. But here, you'll find all the essential products you'll need to manage a successful dealership and help bolster sales! If you're looking for Vinyl Pricers, Model Year Decals, Windshield Advetising Products, Key Tags, Deal Jackets, Custom License Plates & Frames, Hang Tags, and other products that are specific to auto dealerships, you've come to the right place!

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